ETS owns and operates a state of the art Quantum Imager Triple Frequency GPR System from US Radar, Inc.  The Quantum Imager is the first true triple frequency range GPR system ever produced. Because the antenna emits three separate signals simultaneously, the user can survey significantly greater depths with higher resolution than any other locating technology without sacrificing middle frequencies which are ideal for locating targets like buried utilities. Stepped ultra wideband pulses combine the advantages of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar for unsurpassed resolution and depth. New direct RF sampling technology creates clearer, easier to understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies. All these components work together to make locating easier while providing superior results. 

Specific Environmental Applications


  • Scanning for Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
  • Scanning for disturb soil areas indicative of former UST locations
  • Scanning for buried objects (drums, tires, etc)
  • Scanning for contaminant migration pathways

The Quantum Imager with its triple beam technology has greater depth and resolution than any other locating technology on the market.


Since the Quantum Imager GPR is manufactured in the USA and US Radar, Inc. has service and support also based in the US, down time is virtually eliminated.

Example of GPR scan that found a UST